Data Research Centre

End of Project Expectations

Submitting a Product to Statistics Canada to fulfil Contractual Obligations

The contract is complete when a product is submitted to Statistics Canada and thus the contractual obligations are fulfilled. An electronic copy1 of the product should be submitted to the Analyst on or before the contract end date2. The expected product is described in Appendix C (i.e., “proposed output”) of the MRC. Each contract will require one of the four following types of products to be specified in Appendix C:

Product   Types: Examples of products that meet the   requirements of MRCs are given for each type :3

       1.  Analytic research paper that Statistics Canada may use for internal   purposes, or may publish itself.

  •   Example products include:    Journal article, dissertation, thesis or similar.

       2.  Written data quality assessment of frames, or of protected   information.

  •   Example products include:  A   technical research paper that describes a data or methodological problem   discovered during the course of research (typically chosen when a product   cannot be achieved).

      3.  Non-protected outputs that are confirmed by a senior governmental   official as being important to
           the work of that official’s government   department.

  •  Example products:  Vetted output   selected by the government department (for use with sensitive analysis on   government projects only).

      4. Specific work related to a particular statistical program which has   been specified in advance as part of  
          a legal agreement.

  • Example products include:    Vetted output stored in the project file in the RDC. (At the MRC end   date, the contract will be complete and no further product is required).

(1) If applicable.

(2) If a product is not received, the Principal Investigator may receive a delinquent letter and until a product is received, the Principal Investigator may be prevented from participating in any future proposals as the principal investigator (PI) and/or as a co-investigator.

(3) For details about what products are acceptable please consult an RDC Analyst.


The terms and conditions of copyright are stated in the MRC.  Statistics Canada holds copyright on vetted tables released from the RDC.  Should Statistics Canada wish to use the tables in a publication, the Principal Investigator will be informed. The Principal Investigator holds copyright on any publications created with the vetted tables.